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“Evelyn Hunt is one of the most approachable and enthusiastic photographers I have had the pleasure of working with. She has a very good understanding of advanced technical photography, directing varying body types, and she takes the time to develop with you an individually tailored photo shoot that will work with your needs. 


I found that Evelyn Hunt takes the time to sit and plan out every detail of your shoot to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and will do all in her power to ensure that the finished product is to your standards. I have trusted Evelyn’s talent for capturing beauty since November 2016 and have shot with her 5 times. I have trusted no other with photos for my business. 


I can attest to her talent, enthusiasm, patience and professional integrity. Her adaptability and eagerness to play with varying styles of photography makes her one of my favourite and most entrusted boudoir photographers.” 


Having worked consistently with Evelyn for well over a year now I consider our repeat patronage of her services an extremely glowing recommendation. I can confidently say our business has grown through having such strong images as part of our branding. 


In addition to her talent, it is wonderful to have a female to collaborate with. Always professional in her approach, Evelyn continues to make even the most nervous subjects feel at ease, consequently getting the desired result every time for us. We cannot recommend her highly enough!


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