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And now the exciting part: they come back to you! After the images have been returned, you're welcome to request minor adjustments to make sure we get the edit right. I allow up to 2 sets of adjustments per image, if we still can't get it I charge $150/hour for additional editing. 

Once you have your beautiful new photos, put them everywhere! If you'd like to, tag me! @evelynhuntphoto

I ask that you do not make any changes to your images (including Enhanced JPEGs!) yourself, including any warping, smoothing or filtering. This destroys my work and makes the final product look less polished. If you want something done to your images, just let me know and I'll happily make the adjustments for you.

after the shoot

After your shoot is finished, you've got 

a big job ahead of you!


Lower resolution, watermarked versions of your images will be returned to you within a week (usually the following day) for you to look through and select your favourites from. Just let me know the photos you'd like retouched by listing the image numbers in a text or email.

Unless specified, the editing style I usually use aims to make the images look visually beautiful, without making you look unrealistic. I will smooth out any lumps and bumps, round out any features that have become flattened in the pose, gently retouch the skin and make your natural beauty stand out!


If you have a request for editing, please let me know and I'll do my best to achieve your desired look.

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