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Choosing your location & why it is the MOST important step in your preparation process.

Choosing the perfect location for a boudoir photoshoot is crucial to achieving stunning results, especially when we're working in natural light. Here are some valuable tips to help you select the ideal space for your upcoming session:

What to Look For:

1. Large Windows: The primary factor to consider is the availability of large windows. Look for rooms with generously sized windows that can allow ample natural light to stream in. Windows serve as your primary light source, creating a soft and flattering illumination.

2. Lots of Windows: More windows mean more light. The more natural light sources you have in a room, the better. It can help create a well-balanced and beautifully lit environment for your photoshoot.

3. **Check Bathrooms for Natural Light:** Don't forget to check the bathroom in the location you're considering if you're hoping to get any bathtub or shower photos, as very few bathrooms have windows! It's often a bonus if the bathroom also has natural light. Bathrooms with large, frosted windows can offer a unique setting for your boudoir shots.

4. White Sheets: White or light-colored bedding can enhance the brightness and overall aesthetic of your photos. They reflect light, creating a soft and airy atmosphere.

5. Light-Colored Walls: Light-colored walls act as natural reflectors, bouncing light back onto your subject. This helps reduce harsh shadows and creates a more flattering look.

6. Floor to Ceiling Windows: If you can find a space with floor-to-ceiling windows, it's a dream for natural light photography. These windows can flood the room with light, offering creative possibilities for your photos.

7. Corner Rooms with Windows on Two Walls: Corner rooms often have windows on two adjacent walls, providing light from multiple angles. This can add depth and dimension to your images.

8. High-Level Hotel Rooms or Unobstructed Views: Higher-level hotel rooms or spaces with unobstructed views are less likely to be blocked by neighboring buildings, ensuring that you have an uninterrupted flow of natural light.

What to Avoid:

1. Locations with No Photos of the Windows: If there are no photos of the windows in the location listing, it's a red flag. Always make sure you have a clear idea of the available natural light before booking. Real Estate photography can make locations appear brighter than they are so always ensure you can actually see the windows.

2. Older Locations with Small Windows: Older buildings may have smaller windows, which can limit the amount of light you can work with. Opt for more modern spaces with larger windows when possible.

3. Dark Paint on Walls: Dark-colored walls can absorb light and create a gloomy atmosphere. Try to avoid locations with dark or heavily patterned walls, as they can be challenging to work with in natural light photography.

4. Spaces with Only Photos with Lights On: If all the listing photos feature artificial lighting, it may indicate that the natural light in the space is insufficient for your needs. Remember that you'll be shooting with all the lights off, so prioritize locations with well-lit, naturally lit images.

5. Choosing spaces solely on decor, rather than the light available: Remember, these photos are about you! A bright location will always produce a better image, if you don't love the styling just bring along some props from home!

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that the location you choose will provide the best possible natural light for your photoshoot, resulting in stunning and flattering images that we want. If you have any doubts or need a second opinion on a location, don't hesitate to reach out – I'm here to help you make the most of your photography experience!

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