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10 Things To Do To Prepare For Your Shoot

So you’ve booked your next shoot and you’re excited (or even nervous!), what can you do in the lead up to make sure everything runs perfectly?

1. Tell your photographer about your ideas!

You’ve probably spent some time looking at locations, planning outfits and thinking about your hopes for the day, so why not tell your photographer? If you’ve got inspiration images for mood, let them see those too!

2. Organise outfits, and then organise more outfits.

Not every look you love in the mirror will look the way you hope on the day through the camera, so bring along additional looks to play around with. You wouldn’t want to run out on the day!

3. Allow yourself plenty of time!

If you’re planning on getting your makeup and hair done, allow lots of time to get it right and arrive at the location and settle in. After your shoot, don’t plan too much, you’ll likely be quite tired!

4. Think about props.

Props are wonderful, they let the viewer know a little more about you AND they give you something to do with your hands! If you’re in doubt about bringing something along as a prop, bring it anyway! I’m happy to help style your shoot once we’re on location.

5. Get a second opinion (but trust your gut!)

It’s amazing what another mind will think of! If you’re stuck for styling advice

6. Make it your own with styling.

This one is particularly important if you’re shooting in a hotel! Bring a long throws, cushions, decor, books or anything else you can add to the space to make it less ordinary and more you!

7. Love Your Skin.

There are so many things about your skin that should be cared for before a photoshoot.

- Try to keep a good skincare routine

- Don’t forget to shave (if that’s your thing)

- Moisturise head to toe, before AND during your photoshoot

- Want an extra glow? Bring along body bronzing shimmer or oil.

- Fake tan, fake tan, fake tan! Your colour will appear lighter in photos so don’t be afraid, and if you want to be a bronze goddess invest and get a pro to do it for you.

8. Look at yourself in the mirror. A lot.

A sure way to make sure you nail your angles is to simply listen t Tyra Banks and live in front of your mirror. Do you look incredible with a slight pout? Or is smiling your thing? Try copying some facial expressions you’ve seen on models. Once you’re confident, try to pose without looking at the mirror, and check how it looks afterwards.

9. Make a list.

You make a list for groceries, so why not make a list for your photoshoot? If you know you need to pick up fresh flowers on your way, and have a very particular pair of shoes that match an outfit, write them down. Even the silly little things like the matching briefs for your bra! If you have something to check before walking out the door, there won’t be any risk of meltdowns.

10. Get a feel for the space.

If you can, arrive at your location early and scout your favourite spots and think of any particular ideas you may have for the location. If you’re shooting outdoors, have a look at the area at the same time of day as your shoot to see where the light falls so you can plan your shoot out avoid missing that perfect light.

And remember: even if you forget something, your photographer can make it work. I've had so many things go wrong in the lead up to a shoot and on the day, but we always make it work.

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